An unexpected surprise republican candidate “Donald Trump” to compete him “Hillary Clinton”

At the time in which the mass media news about the democratic party to search for an alternative candidate for US presidency, wished the republican candidate Donald Trump to compete with Hillary Clinton a speedy recovery.

The US journalist David Schuster has quoted well-informed party sources as saying that the Democratic Party is planning to hold an emergency meeting to study the alternative options, after the campaign declared election Clinton that former Foreign Minister infected with pneumonia.

In this context, the newspaper believed “The Telegraph to choose the democratic party of US Vice President Joseph Baden or senator Bernie Sanders, who lost the election to Clinton, to participate in the elections, if Clinton decided to abandon the participation in the presidential race.

In this context, warned the billionaire Donald Trump the health situation of the presidential candidates may constitute a factor affecting the election campaign ahead of elections scheduled for 8 November next.
He said the Republican candidate, told “Fox News” on Monday, 12 September: “I hope that they will soon recover and will resume its participation in the election race and we will meet during the general debate”.

He wished the Trump for Clinton speedy recovery, and pledged to provide detailed information about his health condition immediately after the publication of the results of the last medical examination.

Earlier personal doctor for Trump that the description of the latter that the candidate most validity in the history of the US elections campaign.

The channel of “CNN” reported that the Trump prevent his aides from making any statements about the disease of Clinton and talk in networks of social networking.

It is mentioned that Clinton has canceled her visit to California after being ill due to pneumonia, during the ceremonies of reviving the memory of the victims of the 11 September attacks that took place in the year 2001.

The Americans have noticed the health problems of Clinton last week, when it was hit by a violent cough during a speech before its supporters in Ohio. But Clinton downplayed the importance of the whooping cough prevented the talk of several minutes, subject to varying interpretations by saying: “Every time I think in the Trump ur sensitivity”.

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